When setting up an enterprise IT network, it’s essential to create one that’s appropriate to the business requirements. In the last couple of weeks, Secure Bridge developed an effective and efficient SMB network to an Australia university, which requires to create wireless and wired networks within the new office.


IP cameras, WAPs, and IP phones need to be placed in conjunction with the wired infrastructure that keeps them from hitting ceilings and walls;2. The user expects an efficient and stable converging network that can provide higher redundancy in the network, and ease of management and maintenance and also to accommodate the ever-growing requirements for bandwidth in networks.


In this instance the S5800-8TF12S switch on the core layer will accommodate voice VLANs which will meet demands of customers for VoIP phones. Additionally, the S1600-48T4S switches are linked to the central layer using 10G uplinks that are connected using Twinax 10G DAC cables. Each PoE+ switch comes with 48 ports to connect to terminal devices, such as computers, WAPsand IP cameras.

The entire network is a hyper-converged infrastructure that can offer ample redundancy to the network. In addition, since the core layer switches are linked via MLAG peer link The network will not be affected even if one of the links goes broken (not that link to the peer). Also should one core layer switches malfunctions the entire data it holds will be transferred to the second core switch.


This is a common convergence network solution that is suitable for mid-sized corporate offices where wireless and wired networks are required. The redundancy of the system is sufficient to ensure that the network is available in the event of a network failure. Ports are accessible for terminal devices that will be added in the near future.