The owner of a hotel who manages 300 rooms was in search of an upgraded Wi-Fi solution. As the business continued to expand and expand, the hotel planned to upgrade its existing network, with the goal of providing clients with faster internet connectivity based on the concept of cyber security, as well as simple management of the network, in order to increase customer satisfaction and increase the brand’s reputation.


On the other hand there was a limited number of access points (APs) placed on every floors of the hotel. These was not enough to satisfy all hotel guests and staff on the three floors. some guests complained about the lack of performance and the slow speed. On the other hand the hotel is currently in an era of rapid development and the old infrastructure of the network was unable to be adapted to the demands of bigger scale and greater guests.

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Apart from the necessity of high-speed internet access for guest rooms there are also voice controlling systems and IP cameras as well as other smart devices inside the hotel. Therefore, the network upgrade must take all of the latest devices from different locations into account.

Cyber security is an essential factor that hotels give significant importance. But, the old network does not have comprehensive security methods to protect against security threats. For security protection against large security issues, such as leaks of data the hotel network had to be upgraded immediately.

Because there was no expert IT staff at this hotel, it took a lot of time techs to look over and set up devices in the field when the network infrastructure failed.


In this network upgrade an ultra-high-performance core switch that offers numerous speed of interface was used inside the control room that can accommodate the connectivity of various kinds of devices aswell for expanding the network.

The ingress network is secured by FS multiple-service security gateway’s load balancing, traffic control and auditing of behavior features to ensure that it remains safe and reliable.

40 Wi-Fi 6APs are scattered across three floors. They provide a wide Wi-Fi coverage that is free of dead zones, providing the best possible service to guests who require high-speed internet access.

FS uses an enterprise-class wireless controller to manage the APs. This allows the hotel to manage and monitor a large deployments of APs with just one controller that has increased visibility and central management.

The hotel can save on the cost and labor for cabling, thanks to PoE access switches that support completely loaded PoE. The VSU technology used by these switches boosts the switch’s port density, allowing for expanding the hotel network in the near future.

To increase the productivity of the hotel with a better technology and network The solution also included an access switch in the hotel offices to accommodate printers, computers servers NAS as well.

Customer Benefits

Experience a better wireless connection: With the upgrade of network using Wi-Fi 6 wireless devices The hotel is completely equipped with a fast Wi-Fi networks. The rights of VIP guests and their experience as first priority are ensured by the intelligent control of traffic. The total Internet access problems after the implementation of FS solution decreased significantly when in comparison to prior.

Improved security of hotel networks Implementation in the gateway for multi-service security aids in to reduce cyber-attacks, which effectively safeguards the cyber security and the stability of the hotel’s network and safeguards the information of guests staying at the hotel from cyber-attacks.

Simple management and maintenance The combination of installing Wi-Fi 6 access points with wireless LAN controllers facilitate an easier management of networks, thereby improving the effectiveness of hotel administration as well as increasing the competitiveness of the hotel.

Future-proofed wireless technology The most recent Wi-Fi 6 technology as well as advanced switch features like VSU functions ensure future growth of the hotel as well as ensuring the return on investment made by hotels.