It is precisely due to the increasing demand for high-performance computing(HPC) in diverse industries that a lot of companies are keen to complete the development of networks that are high performance. For instance, example, a German client of FS in the IT services sector was able to meet the highest requirements for computing speed and was hoping to be able to transmit data at a high speed via HPC architecture to facilitate rapid business growth. However, because the equipment could impact the performance of transmission and the client wanted to locate high-performance equipment that could satisfy their requirements.

Based on the requirements of the client Based on the needs of the customer, the Secure Bridge technical experts created an HPC information center system that has high redundancy and reliability by using the NC8200 series of switches.


This industry of customers involves HPC technical software engineering, data management and more. It also has demanding requirements for computing device performance. The development of an HPC architecture implies that computing servers have to connect to clusters as well as software programs and algorithms must be run on cluster servers simultaneously and require high-performance equipment that can run smoothly to accomplish a variety of tasks. To meet the requirements of the above scenario requires the network to provide the three crucial functions:

Layer 2 full-wire-speed forwarding

Stacking is possible, as well as the system for stacking can support Layer 2 full-speed wire-speed forwarding


Secure Bridge has vast expertise in HPC solutions and has assisted one German customer build the foundation of an HPC architecture that allows for speedy data transfer. In addition, Secure Bridge provides the latest and most reliable technology for switching and switches, as well as the software that supports them. This provides HPC capabilities that could meet or even surpass the conventional implementations as well as extremely reliable and stable network support.

In conjunction with the particular circumstance of this customer and the specific requirements of this customer, the Secure Bridge tech team chose to use NC8200 Series switches that will assist the customer in completing their HPC architecture.

The NC8200 series switches are able to support line-speed Layer 2 forwarding within leaves-and-spine HPC network design. They also use the ECN together along with the PFC deployment technique to manage the network’s congestion and get ultra-low latency.

The NC8200 series comes with NFPP and CPP functions, which effectively stop it from being attacked from networks and help maintain a low CPU load as well as a reliable network operation.

Customer Benefits

Secure Bridge HPC solution has helped the customer achieve the highest performance network upgrades and better adapt to market shifts and increase agility and efficiency.

Secure Bridge Data Center switches are able to provide extremely low latency while processing HPC cluster applications. They have high-speed storage lossless transmission in order to offer fast network connections for applications in the data center.

The solution did not just solve the issue of reliability for customers in high-performance architectures, but also reduced the load on CPUs when operating and guarantees the stability of networks.